VitaminBree is from West Philly and her favorite word is “f*ck.”

In fact, she claims her first words as a child were curse-words (her own mother and sister will back this up), and going to a party with her is like going out with a celebrity even if its just a house party. She started out as a model often styling herself for shoots, which has recently led her to take on primarily a stylist’s role. She says her main fashion inspirations are Cruella Deville, Halle Berry in BAPS, and Billie Holiday.

Working with Bree is so much fun because she can never tolerate a dull moment. We shot with her in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY in December. She styled herself. Follow her adventures and exploits as a model on Twitter and Instagram: @vitaminbree


Photography and story by YSKSK (@yinkasoda @kskussle)