Raised in a traditional Cuban household in West Bronx, SlimKillsAll is an unexpected punk rock child.

We met him near Van Courtland Park on a misty afternoon right before the Christmas holidays. We bought tall cans of Coors, and hiked around smoking cigarettes in the waning wintertime sunlight eventually ending the day with Dominican food under the tracks of the 1 Train.

Slim's slogan is “live till death.”

His energy is as intense and riotous as his music. He's a one man guitar monster and he is currently working on a 7-track mini-LP set to release early this summer.

In the meantime, he will release a 3-track EP titled Slowdownkillinm’. Also be on the lookout for a collaboration visual featuring Slim and directed by yours truly.

Join the riot: @SLIMKILLSALL

Photos and Story by YSKSK