In Love in New York

Why are we so obsessed with falling in love in New York? Or are we obsessed with New York falling in love with us? We are fascinated with finding some form of intimacy in between the cement towers, and underneath the unforgiving miles of concrete. We shot this series, a shout out to New York romance, at The Highline. It was built a few years ago on top of an unused railroad line, and rises above the streets of the West Side providing a green space and a respite from the relentlessness of the city.

We headed out with Bree and Briz, and watched as lonely passer-bys stared longingly at them. They failed to notice the people watching, of course, as these two are used to being stared at. Not just because they look good together, but because both are well known in Philadelphia as fresh-ass kids.

Bree and Briz have a lot in common: young, ambitious, and good looking.  They’re both incredibly charismatic. They’re both flyer than you. They both know how to handle their weed and liquor. They both put in major work. And they both hold their own in the notoriously “rough” Philly scene.

Though their relationship is strictly platonic, we managed to talk them into playing a  classic power couple like Kelis and Nas for our lens. After all, what embodies New York romance more than a Hip-Hop love story about two young hustlers?

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Photography and Story by YSKSK