Complex premiered our video for Theodore Grams' " The Money" the other day. We shot this jawn as a sequel to our first collaboration with Grams for last year's "The City's Ours Now." Me, Grams, and Yinka wrote it together, took a really cold trip to Delaware in my roommate's girlfriend's car to scout locations, got a drone, picked up DJ FM in Uptown along the way, and shot it all in one insanely long day. It was cool nerding out with everyone, and capturing one of the better sunsets I've ever experienced. I hope everyone enjoys the second part to the visual story we've been telling with Grams and the Phrat. Oh yeah, and follow us on twitter @YSKSKMEDIA. Yinka's is @yinkasoda and Grams is @theodoregrams.

written by - K$K (@kskhussle) photos by - (@yinkasoda)

Directed by YSKSK via Complex